We’ve answered a lot of questions about Kidpost below, but there’s no doubt we missed something! If there’s any way we can help, please email us at help@kidpost.net.

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Basics and Setup

What is Kidpost?

Kidpost is a simple service that collects the kid-related content you post to apps like Facebook and Instagram, bundles it up into a daily email, and sends it off to your friends and family. It makes it easy for your loved ones to keep up with everything you post about your kids without having to visit separate sites, open separate apps, or sign up for new accounts.

How does it work?

After setting up your Kidpost account, there are two options for sending updates. You can log in, pick photos recently posted on services you’ve connected, and click send. If you want to skip that step, just add the hashtag “#kidpost” to any content that you post to the services you’ve connected. Once a day, Kidpost scans your accounts and finds the items with that hashtag, and then sends out an email with those items to your list.

What services does it support?

Currently, Kidpost supports Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter. We know that parents post to lots of services of course, so we’re working on adding more soon.

Can I connect my wife/husband/partner’s services too?

Yes! You can add as many as 3 accounts per service to your Kidpost account. For example, if you and your partner each have Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can connect all 4 of them to one Kidpost account. It’s a great way to round up all that scattered content into one place.

But how do I do that?

You have two options: 1. Log into your partner’s Facebook or Instagram account on the machine where you’re logged into Kidpost. 2. Share your Kidpost email and password with your partner.

Sending and Receiving Kidpost Digests

I just tagged a bunch of photos with #kidpost. When will I get a digest?

We send out emails in the afternoon (New York time) once a day, but we’re still experimenting to find the right time that works for our users as well as our system.

What if I don’t want to use hashtags or send a digest right now?

Log in, and visit our Send a Kidpost page, pick up to 10 photos, and click “Send”. Keep in mind, you can only send one digest a day, whether you use hashtags or the website.

Can I use a custom hashtag of my own choosing instead of #kidpost?

Yes! You can specify your own custom hashtag on the Setup page. Once you set that, you can use either “#kidpost” or that custom hashtag; the service will recognize both.

Will Kidpost grab privately posted photos/updates?

Yes! Kidpost will be able to access anything you post privately, whether you pick photos by hand or use a hashtag. However, when your friends and family click on a private photo or status update in the digest email they may not be able see the original content on the social network unless you've granted them the proper permissions.

Who sees my Kidpost emails?

Only the people on your subscriber list. There are no publicly viewable versions of your Kidpost content available anywhere—only the emails.

Can I resend an old Kidpost email in case someone on my subscriber list missed one?

No, but you can always forward them the copy you received.

Can subscribers give feedback (favorites or comments) on my Kidpost emails?

At the bottom of each email, there is a “thumbs up” button. If a subscriber taps it, you’ll get notified! It’s simple but a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we don’t support comments because it makes Kidpost a target for spammers. The good news is that subscribers can simply reply to the email and you‘ll get a response (ed. note: My mother-in-law does this and I love it!)

Do the people on my subscriber list need to open a Kidpost account?

No. They just need to confirm that they give us permission to send them your Kidpost emails. We’ll ask them to confirm on the first Kidpost they get sent — all they have to do is click a link.

How many people can I add to my subscriber list?

While it’s unlikely you’ll get there, you can add up to 100 subscribers. Kidpost is always free for your subscribers, by the way.

I added a new subscriber but they’re not getting emails. What do I do?

Email us at help@kidpost.net. We’ll help you get it figured out.

Can I save the photos I see in the emails?

Kidpost doesn’t support a way to download photos, but most mail applications have this built in. For touch devices, tap and hold the image until a menu pops up. On your desktop computer, right-click the photo.

Payments and Pricing

How long does my Kidpost free trial last?

When you sign up for a new account, you can use all of the features of Kidpost for free for 30 days. Before that time is up, we’ll email you to let you know that you’ll need to subscribe in order to keep using it.

How much does Kidpost cost?

Kidpost costs $3 per month, or $30 per year. At the end of each billing cycle (one month or one year, depending on which you’ve chosen), your account will be automatically renewed unless you cancel beforehand.

Does Kidpost cost anything for my friends and family?

No, Kidpost is always free to your friends and family.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, Kidpost uses Stripe to securely process your payment, and at no point do we receive or store your credit card information.

Can I pay you by eCheck or Paypal?

Sorry, no. We only accept payments by credit card via our site.

Can I pay you with a currency other than American dollars?

Sorry, no.