Now it’s easy for all your
friends and family
to keep
up with your kid photos!

Just keep posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Flickr, and Kidpost emails your pics to your loved ones.

Just add the hashtag #kidpost to anything you post and we’ll grab it for you automatically. You can even set your own custom hashtag (e.g., #smithkids).

No new apps for them to install, no new passwords to remember. So simple!

We don’t make your friends and family sign up for new accounts or download and setup new software—we just send your photos in a fantastic daily email that they’ll rush to open when it arrives in their inbox.

Your privacy is important to us! That’s why only the friends and family you choose will get your Kidpost. And you can add or remove names anytime.

Send your first Kidpost now for free! Your loved ones will thank you for it!